Friday, August 27, 2010


I really want a pair of Rock & Republic denim. Really Bad. 
This is what I do, when I want something I don't have the money for (yet...) 
You'll start to see a trend....

Happy Blogging!
   Happy Weekend!
   Happy Life!
 Feel Free!
    Feel Loved!
    Feel Relieved!
  Be Confident.
     Be Cool.
      Be You.

Two weeks till FNO, that is all. <3

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Destination: Inspiration

A couple of noteworthy events coming up! Just a couple of days ago I submitted my application to Teen Vogue’s Fashion University (it seems like it’s been forever, the decision can’t seem to arrive in my ever hungry inbox fast enough) and although it’s not until October, there’s still the anxious anticipation that makes it worth mentioning. Fashion’s Night Out is almost a month away to this day (plus one), I’ve just yet bought my ticket from Boston to New York and set aside a tidy amount of cash in preparation. Fashion Week is right around the corner of FNO, and who know what kind of craziness will ensue from the move from Bryant Park to Lincoln Center. (Of course I’m going to be admiring from afar, and are two of my closest friends.)

So, what are your plans for these events? Will you be attending FNO in NY, Savannah, LA, Paris, Milan, Tokyo?

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