Thursday, January 28, 2010

Childhood Nostalgia

I have this thing where I reuse clothes from my childhood. I completely forget ever wearing the floral vest pictured below, but for the longest time it's been in my closet.. Or, take these pants for example. I'm pretty sure I never wore them as a kid (because I thought they were too long aka too dorky, little did I know I still looked like a major dork). Rolled up however, I thought these became quite adorable almost-highwaisted shorts. This belt is also a childhood piece I never wore, but how fortunate that I kept it! It's so bewildering that something repulsive or unwanted can become a treasure years later... (kind of makes me want to keep everything I have or get, just in case)

Well I'm working on a dress right now that very much resembles fabric, and just that at most. I was also planning on making my semi-formal dress this year, but seeing as it is in a week and I have yet to start it, I'm feeling just a little uneasy. Hmmm....

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I got today what I thought was my Drexel application acception/rejection. Turns out it was a "we recieved your application!" letter. Um, thanks?

It's been quite a length of time since my last post, which I blame on college applications and midterm week (which is over now, hallelujah!). New classes started today and I'm so happy about having my free period. In my "free time" before all this craziness sprung about, I've been looking for a great new pair of shoes - mostly on because I have a gift card there in need of being spent.
I've been meaning to get a pair of oxfords...

(below) These remind me so much of my riding boots. oh well.

(below) clunky? yes. fabulous? quite possibly!

I'm just waiting for these shoes to go on sale. Hopefully they'll still have my sizes.

On a final note, I also found these shoes on that I thought were wicked fierce. Very tempting! They're my size and on clearance! Plus it would increase my stare rate by like 30%. For reals. So all in all, most likely worth it.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Notes of Noteworthiness, I Suppose

I've been meaning to buy this Kat Von D tattoo liner (eye liner $18) but after the last Sephora haul back in December my makeup funds went way south. Unfortunately that means I'll probably have to wait till my birthday. Anywho, I'm very interested in this product because while some might not like such a thick line, I have a flair for dramatic makeup and this liquid liner is right up my alley. Plus! I have this great proclivity (apologies, I took a 90 word vocab quiz today) to draw on myself. Sharpie typically is my weapon of choice, but now every time I draw on my arm it starts to tingle strangely and I've probably inhaled permanent marker fumes like no other. Ergo, a new mock-tattoo drawing utensil is ideal. (I'd be really excited to see how long the "tattoo" would last)

On a different note, today in personal finance we were supposed to come up with our "elevator speeches". This basically is the scenario where you see someone that you'd love to meet (typically an industry professional in the career choice to which you aspire) and you have to grab their attention/complete your goal . You goal can be anything from getting an internship or getting tips on (fill in the blank) . I actually had a lot of fun thinking up a chance encounter with someone like Anna Wintour, Karl Lagerfeld, Valentino Garavani, Marc Jacobs (I know they're all well known, but they sure know their stuff).
What I want to know is who would YOU like to meet/why and what would you say to them?

Also school related, in photography we had to research a famous photographer. My partner and I wanted to do Jerry Uelsmann but he was already taken by the time we were resolute in our choice. As a result, I feel it's only fair I should share his brilliance to you all, if not to the classmates of my photog class.

favorite (below)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mumbo Jumbo

So I'm not sure anyone has even seen my blog. Which is fine. For now. I really don't have much up yet and my posts keep getting to be so verbose. =

However! Next on the line up is this book that I've found to be very helpful for fashion sketching. I went to National Portfolio day this [school] year and I got to talk to the FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) admissions persons, who were honest, gracious and VERY helpful. They recommended the book (more like novel!) Illustrating Fashion: Concept to Creation, by Steven Stipelman. A whooping $57.28 (originally $72.50)!!! Which is a lot considering I have no income atm. Lately I've been trying to find clothes for less than $10... know of any places besides the salvation army or the garment district??

Luckily I was able to borrow it from the school library (after suggesting it to the librarians - apparently an interest in fashion design is on the rise at my school, who knew)... too bad they want it back after 2 months, I was hoping to keep it till the end of the year (selfish of me, yes? no?)

Unfortunately there are a lot of photos that I took that I have to sort through, so I'm going to have to save that for later.

Sorry, I'm going to have to find out how to not make it so pixely (advice?).
What I wore to school today - grey hollister sweater (yeah I know but I got it for cheap!), pink t-shirt I cut up into a tank top, spotty mint green delias 3/4 shirt, f21 while bubble skirt, white belt, express tights, and another grandmother's closet find - white kitten heel shoes! It was love at first sight, though too bad they have no traction on the bottom. I often joke that I can walk better in my 4" heels than these "almost flats".
Ahah and that would be my sister in the background (completely oblivious) <3>

Monday, January 11, 2010

Cheap Jeans

So these pants (pictured below) always have this pungent smell about them. I mean what can I expect from $6 dollar jeans really but I wish there was some way as to rid them from the smell of pure chemicals. I tried spritzing a tissue with my perfume and placing it inside the folds of the pants, but the smell is so overwhelming that it's almost making me cringe every time I smell that perfume (which is really a pity because it's new and smells delicious otherwise). Anyone have any tips as of how to go about driving out the unwanted extreme chemical smell?

so this is what i wore today.... very tame compared to the usual me, believe me. $6 dark jeans (boot cut/flare) from forever 21, express tube top, a cute tan cardi i got from my friend, a necklace from way back when, and this neat belt i found on my grandmother's hanger of sewing zippers (there really are some great finds from my grandmother's closet).
    ah and this pattern (to the right) I just find very cool. I wish it was a fabric but unfortunately it's my mother's curtain, and I doubt she'd approve of me taking it down and cutting it. Even if it ended up as a gorgeous dress.

Why Hello and Welcome to a New World!

In the past I wasn't taken to the idea of myself blogging, I've always thought my words were tedious and constantly a joke that only I felt was funny. I'm not a writer, heavens no. Am I a photographer? No not that either, only as of recent I have been starting out with serious photography (and even the term "serious" is questionable). How is it then one might wonder that this blog came to be?

First off, I've been looking at other fashion blogs marveling at their abundant creativity. You could say I idolize them, but saying that really isn't going to get me anywhere. I guess I just realized I had to get myself into the game, whether I had the ability (for lack of a better word) or not.

Second, this is the time in my life where I find myself submerged in college applications. Portfolios portfolios portfolios. A realization came to me that I can post my portfolio to a blog, which can conveniently strike two birds with one stone - show my creations with you the public and hopefully get me into college.

Third, curiosity is an indomitable force that has no doubt gotten me where I am today. As a kid I'd take apart doorknobs just to see how it worked.
...Alright you got me. I'm not sure where I'm going with this one. But let me say that I want to share with you the greatness (and possibly the not so greatness) I've discovered in life, from the trivial to the important/global. So bear with me (or even better yet, enjoy it!).

- "Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought him back"