Saturday, November 20, 2010

It's Here!!! And yet already seemingly gone...

Lanvin for H&M! - Opening was today at 8am on Newbs Street, got there at around 8:10. Stood in line for about 35 minutes and I get handed a wristband with the guy saying I can't see the collection until 12:05. Promptly I tell myself I knew I should have gotten there earlier. Oh well, fingers crossed I get something... (Even if it is just a stuffed animal poodle. Although I'll settle for a bracelet...)

Alas, within 2 hours, I may either find myself in heaven or have my hopes crushed, who knows!! I'll get back to ya on that. Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Halloween Retrospective

So I lost track of all the clothes I've bought since the last post. Ergo, instead! I have a couple of pictures of the Catwoman mask I made for the Halloween season. I realize it is slightly over, but I post this as a sort of... retrospective?

I miss when I had music in my posts, so I'm bringing it back yeahh!
Currently Listening to: Burnt Offering by the Blue Scholars

Did You Know... Cats Have Wings Too?

*Photo credit goes to my roommate Liz! Thanks for letting me use these in a dual purpose art school hw cause?

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dollar A Pound vs. Garment District - Get your game face on!

I feel like such a champ after sorting through the mounds and piles of CLOTHES. Mens, womans, kids, fabric, pillowcases, couch covers? It was virtually impossible not to step on something if you really wanted to find some treasures. And treasures I found!

(This is just a cumulative view of everything. They had these great clear plastic bags to carry everything around in. Suffice to say, looked sort of hobo-ish. We stopped by a starbucks however and upon seeing the bags the barista surmised we took a trip to the Garment District - right she was!) 

Actually I was quite envious of my fellow shopping companion. It seemed like she just plucked her hand down and what do you know?? TREASURE! Haha, what it would be like to have that power 24/7...

Friday, October 8, 2010

10 Days You Say H&M? I'll be there. Every. Single. Day.

"Celebrating 10 Years of Fashion in the USA"
I can't believe H&M has only been in the US for 10 years! It's still such a baby and yet it's tenth is as big of an event as an international [10 day] holiday. And yet, I'm not surprised one bit. Quite frankly, I'm ecstatic!

I went to H&M on Newbury to check out the sales going on, and of course I end up buying a number of items - none of them on sale. Typical.
Items include: pink lace printed dress tee, blue and white striped knee length sweater, caramel toned cami tank dress, and a cropped black and red striped long sleeve (what can I say, I've been quite into the circus inspired look lately!).

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

WCAGA - worth every penny.

So as you know, a while back I went to New York. I had been hearing a lot of hype surrounding What Comes Around Goes Around. Kind of like a high class thrift store (what I would give to have one here in Boston. Or rather to find it here in Boston). I saw a pair of very vintage totally awesome Manolos, IN MY SIZE TOO! But strange enough when I put them on, only one of them fit. The other was squashing my foot and I knew that no matter how much I loved them, walking around Boston/walking to class/doing whatever other mischief I might find in them would just be impractical and painful on both my feet and my poor poor debit card.
However, I tried on a pair of jeans that looked FANTASTIC! The only catch was the waistband was feeling rather tight, and stiff - seemingly no give. For the price, I felt really hesitant to part with that much cash if they were gonna squeeze my insides every time I sat down or ate too much.
So I walked around a little more, hit all my usual spots like Topshop and Opening Ceremony and NADA! ZIP! ZIPPO! Almost dazed, I realized that I just couldn't get over those pants.
I make the trek back to What Comes Around Goes Around, relieved to find that they are still there. Tried them on, double check successful, and brought them to the register. *card declined* WHHAAA. Yeah really shouldn't have been too surprised haha.
Fortunately, I was able to order them through the phone once I got back (many thanks to the accommodating staff of WCAGA!), and a week or so later, I laid my eyes on the fantastical pair of denim. This was all the weekend of Sept 25th, like I said.. I have lots to get you up to speed on.

*side note: they have ripped considerably since these pictures were taken. They still look fierce, but I'm gonna have to think of wearing leggings underneath them now as we approach the cooler seasons. = (

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo

I went to the Buffalo Exchange about a week ago (actually a little over, Sept 24th to be exact, as the file into which I uploaded them reminds me). For those of you who don't know what that is, it's a new thrift store. For those of you in Boston, it's right off of the B line - green line to Harvard Ave, walk to the corner of commonwealth and harvard ave, down harvard ave and you're there.

180 Harvard Ave., Allston
Boston, MA 02134
(617) 779-7901

I shouldn't be quick to judge. A friend also pointed out "why would you go to a new old clothes store?" (even if he was being clever...). I wasn't much impressed with the selection. The best part would have to be the shoes but those can be hit or miss. And that's one of the things that frustrates me about thrift store, they are always hit or miss.

I did get these Nine West pumps though for a fraction of the retail price, so that made me pretty happy!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Bluefly... Fly me away to a land of designer clad closets

So much I have yet to update, I've just been so busy that I've gotten lazy. (Or I'm making excuses ; ] )

First off, my bluefly order came in. And it was so cute because they had the cardboard box, then a bluefly shopping bag inside. Too cute!!!

I got a peacock printed dress from label 382. Probably my favorite thing about it is the jersey knit slip feature while the print is on this kind of slinky chiffon. Light and airy while still retaining a great amount of comfort and security. Definitely becoming one of my go-to dresses!

I also got a pair of dolce vita gladiators, but they just didn't seem to fit right. they were too big in certain areas and it just appeared too flat. It was quite a let down! And unfortunately I don't have any really good photos of them. All I have is a picture of the bag that came along with them. I'm so upset I have to return them, if not just for the bag.