Wednesday, March 31, 2010


So I'm looking to pick a logo for (if I'm fortunate) my own independent fashion label down the line. I'm just playing around with ideas for now, might as well start early. The feel I'm going for is professional and simple yet also attractive and eye catching. All are different variations of my initials, be it all of them (SJCC --> SJC²), only SJC, or both my initials and my first name (Sierra --> Sie, & SJC)

Pick your favorite! (Leave a comment)

Option 1:
Option 2:

Option 3:

Option 4:

*All images and designs are by me (Sierra Chew-Chin)
*The winning design will go on my new header

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

To Rip or Not To Rip... To Sew or Not To Sew...

Currently listening to: Illegal Tender by Louis XIV
Newest Obsession: Sam Edelman gladiator platforms
And, Ash open toe ankle boot
So I finally found a good pair of white skinny jeans. But, I want to update them and style them. I have so many ideas! And then there's the problem that I never want to change something out of the fear of never returning it back to the original state. Does that ever happen to you? I mean, sometimes the original is better than the newer version. I think I'd feel better if they were say... $6 jeans? (These are from H&M) Which speaking of $6 jeans, I want to convert a pair of flares into skinny zips, but I don't want all of my pants to be skinny jeans. What do you guys think? Are they here to stay or are they on their way out?

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fun With Sketchbook Rings (The Wonderful Things You Can Do With Macro)

AND, a preview of my most recent fashion sketch (soon to come)
*images by Sierra Chew-Chin*

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day...Vs. Night

From school to the local art awards show on Friday (March 26, 2010) I tried to keep my style fresh :)


blazer, equestrian competition jacket from my riding days.
tank top, H&M.
dress, H&M (april 2007?).
skinny jeans, Forever21.
shoes, (Bare Traps) DSW.
necklace, Express.

tank, H&M.
V-spaghetti top, Bebe.
high waisted skirt, (French Atmosphere) Marshalls.
leggings, Express.
scarf, Forever21.
necklace, Express.
shoes, (Anne Klein) DSW.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Where Does the Day Go?

Currently listening to: VCR by The XX
Newest Obsession: the XX (musical group)

button down shirt, Express.
tube top I converted into a halter, H&M.
skinny jeans, Delias.
boots, (Bare Traps) DSW.
necklace, (random string from my house)
belt, unknown (see below!).

On the tag for this magnificent belt it reads on the front: "a tail we could wag". How adorable! And then on the back it says "Ketchum, Idaho". No lie. This would probably have to be my favorite belt that I own.

I Could Live in a Sephora Store, No Lie.

Currently listening to: Home by Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros
(different than my typical genre, but ever since I stumbled across addicted to humiliation's blog and found this song on her playlist, I can't stop listening to it)
Latest Obsession: MUFE Flash Color (I love multi-purpose products, and the colors!)
Latest addiction: lip gloss (I want to get a frosty pink tinted one, but I already have 6 other lip glosses stashed in my makeup bag *sighh*)

While my true passion lies with fashion, I also have an obsession with makeup. I dabble, and yet seem to spend the majority of my money on it. The way I figure is I can always try to make clothes, but I can't make makeup. Also, the V.I.B. rewards for Sephora is so tempting. (Only $281 more to spend...)

MUFE Aqua Creamliner in matte turqouise #4
i.d. Bare Escentuals double-ended liner shadow brush
Sephora Brand Collection slim eye pencil in black #91
Kat Von D Autograph Eyeliner in Brass Knuckles
Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin
Cover Girl Eye Enhancer eye shadow in Tropical Fusion

Tutorial: Egyptian cat eye?
Gosh I'm so awkward on camera!! This was my first tutorial so I was just figuring things out as I went. Also, the lighting was so weird! I swear my forehead and nails aren't normally that color. The first 3 vids got screwed up because they are Movie Clips instead of WMV files so they play like in 10 fold, SO, feel free to mute it otherwise it won't make much sense. The last two are fine however.

Step 1: Creamliner (I'm using Make Up Forever's aqua creamliner in #4 turquoise and i.d bare escentuals double ended shadow and liner brush) - apply close to the lash line on the upper lids.
(helpful hint: press on the upper lid so that the lash line becomes more apparent - see clip)

Step 2: Primer Potion (I'm using Urban Decay's Primer Potion in sin which has a nice champagne tinted sheen to it) - apply above the cream liner and onto the lid (I stopped halfway between the lash line and the brow line. It's also close to the brow bone).
(note: I applied the primer potion after the cream liner because I noticed it was easier to get a smoother line without the primer underneath. It could be that my primer is getting old, but this is what works for me)

Step 3: Pencil Liner (I'm using the Sephora Brand Collection slim pencil eye liner in black. Black seems to no longer be available.. I haven't tried the sephora brand pure eyeliner yet but I'm not a fan of the Nano eyeliner because I think it smudges too easily.) - apply from the halfway point on you upper lid to the outer corner and form a cat eye.
(helpful hint: Keep a sharp point so that you can control the application better. Also, for this look I've noticed that a thin line for this part looks the best.)

Step 4: Liquid Liner (I'm using Kat Von D's Autograph Eyeliner in Brass Knuckles) - apply it from the half way point where the black eye liner ends to the inner corner of the upper lid.
(helpful hint: If you are using the Kat Von D autograph eyeliner note that it takes a minute or so to dry so just make sure not to blink unless you want a duplicate line on your upper lids.)

Step 5: Eyeshadow and Touch-ups (I'm using CoverGirl Eye Enhancers in Tropical Fusion) - apply the turquoise to the inner corner of the eye and the orange to the outer corner. For the center, I just added another coat of the primer potion because of the tint, but if your primer is clear then you can use a shimmery white or champagne eyeshadow to create the same effect. After that is done you can go over the eyeliner once more if you feel like it got smudged or faded. Add mascara (and lip gloss), and then you're done!
(helpful hint: for the eyeshadow in the corners I feel like it is best in moderation but with a decently intense pigment.)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Internet Is Back Up!

Currently listening to: Song for Jacob by the Bravery
Newest Obsession: Forever21 nude heels (pictured below) - $24.80
So I have a new internet connection at home, which is good. It was getting pretty ridiculous not having internet readily at hand. Internet connection has become such a necessity, and at this point, I feel like it will become more important to have 24/7 internet access (Feed by M.T. Anderson anyone?) than flying cars. At the rate at which we are going, I think it's possible.

These most closely resemble/are the inspiration for what my prom dress will look like:

Prom Dress #1:
J. Mendel Spring/Summer 2010 rtwBetsey Johnson Spring/Summer 2010

Prom Dress Opt.#2: (except more of a grid effect and strapless)

Badgley Mischka spring/summer 2010 rtw

3 min sketch w/o color

Prom Dress Opt.#3: (the top on the left image is what I'm focusing on. if it was solid chiffon paired with a long gown [image on right if the dress was full length], I think it would be beautiful)
Tuleh Spring/Summer 2010 rtwCarlos Miele Spring/Summer 2010 rtw
*Pictures used from's fashion show archives. They're great, use them.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Here Comes the Sun

The sun was shining, the weather was gorgeous, I just couldn't resist :)
(photos from yesterday March 20th)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Break Out the Bathing Suits!

It's 75 Degrees out!!!!
Today was gorgeous. I'm hoping this will officially put us on the road to summer weather, even if it means no more snow days. I'm getting so excited to go to the beach! Everyone's been drinking in the sun as much as possible, tanning season has begun my friends. (But don't forget sunscreen.)
You know how the sun just puts you in a good mood? *contented sigh* I'm feeling optimistic already!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Just Joined BlogLovin - Follow Me

Follow me ;)

I Like Beautiful Things. But Don't We All?

Today I came across Suzanne Ford's blog and it must be the most beautiful thing I've seen (as far as blogs go). I'm so envious of her job - traveling around the world for great vintage finds. I don't think it could get better than that.

I'm in love with this whole ensemble. This is totally something I'd wear to my semi-formal. Why not prom? Well, this year I'm going for a long gown (a fait par moi) and the whole shebang. But how I wish there were three proms! It's so stressful choosing the right dress - I feel so much pressure to have the best dress, even if no one else cares :)

(photo by Bruno Dayan)
*let it be known clicking on the image below will bring you to the original blog post, ctrl+click (for PCs) or apple+click (for macs) to open in a new window*
These are some killer shoes. AND killer hair (left). How I'd love to own a pair of shoes like those one day. Someday....

(photo by Bruno Dayan)
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This is how I dream. All day, every day.

(another photo from, Suzanne Ford's blog)
On a different note (but speaking of dreams), this house reminded me of a dream I had recently. In my dream I was walking up to a mansion, which I assumed was my own. The mansion was like one of those plantation houses, majestic and luxurious. To the side was just large expansive land. No trees were on the property except those surrounding it, just clean cut greener than green grass stretching at least an acre. It seemed to be a mix of old country and urban. It was beautiful.
Of course my dream decided it wanted to become a nightmare so upon entering my room I was attacked by a man. An high adrenaline fight ensued... and then I woke up.
The feeling of walking across that lawn and knowing that it was mine gave me such feelings of joy and pride that it is my goal to one day own such a place. I'll just make sure to have better security.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Grey Day.

oversized sweater, Gap $39.50.
jean capri cut-offs,
Delias $14.99.
printed tights,
Forever21 $6.80.
shoes, (Anne Klein) DSW.
scarf, freebie/gift from the great and gracious
Mary Ping of Slow and Steady Wins the Race.

So today it was raining out. It was one of those mornings too when you wake up and just know it is going to be cold out. So you throw on a big baggy sweater and whatever else you can think of to make that sweater actually look stylish. I was actually quite happy however that I was able to find something to wear with those tights. Everything else just made me look like an oompa-loompa.
Also, we got flooding. Fortunately it wasn't too bad, but any flooding is still a pain. (Although secretly I was very intrigued by the reflections from the water and had to snap a couple of pics.)