Monday, April 26, 2010

SHOES! - A Series: Installment One

Well I've been quite off of the blogging game lately.
I can't really say I've been super busy, but I've been keepin busy all the same.

But after such a lengthy hiatus (or what seems lengthy to me), I've come up with this:

A Series of Shoes!!

"Now exactly what might that be?" You might be wondering. 
Well, I'll start out by saying it will progress in a number of installments. 
But quite frankly, I'm not exactly sure myself where this will be going.

What fun!! 

Let's start with my latest finds...

What I'd love to buy....
If I had the money:
Emilio Pucci suede cutout ankle boots - $2,200 via

Once I get my paycheck:

Zigi Soho Jasmin Sandal - $69.95 via

And just because it's so cheap (err, sort of):
Forever21 Peep Toe Cutout Heels - $27.80 via

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