Thursday, July 29, 2010


Rock climbing is so many things, and I can’t say many of them are bad. The pull and strain of the muscles working, the triumph from overcoming a difficult climb, the adrenaline rush from climbing the heights (or on the auto-belay, the decent back down). Sometimes it’s the leap of faith when you’re in a tight spot, and all there’s left to do is to reach. There’s the rewarding connection of hand to rock that provides confirmation of success. Gosh I love these days.

Maybe adding a little bit more fearless into the wardrobe?

shawl: Lucky Brand Jeans, tank: Talbots, shorts: F21, leggings: kickin it old school
necklaces: Talbots & Express, wooden bangle: vintage
Have at it savvy readers = ) Hope you’ve all been well!
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