Monday, September 13, 2010

3 Words - Fashion's Night Out

Yeah maybe you've been seeing too many, but yes, I am doing a Fashion's Night Out post.

HOWEVER, I will admit. I kind of missed it.
Class till 3, an hour to get my shit together, 4 1/2 hour bus over to NY, 1 hour to get to my hotel, 1 hour waiting for my trusty shenanigan partner in crime to get to where I was.

I still thought I could get in on at least one store. So, closest to my hotel was Opening Ceremony at the Ace Hotel on Broadway. We get in line, it wraps around the corner. Meh, we still got time.
We make it to around the corner, some guy lookin' all official says "we close in 50 min, so, not all of you will make it". Some chick screams, "it's not worth it!!" The line now looks like this:

Now, while it didn't look to promising, there really weren't many alternatives at the time. All the other hot spots were a good few minutes away, even via subway. 
And well, we didn't get in. But, we did get free ice cream- 

Sooo, we decided to take the T around and find something to do. 

Aaaannd came upon this: 

(we didn't plan this, I swear. the red and white was just what fate had in store ;] )

Hope you had a fantastic Fashion's Night Out!!! (of those of you who actually made it)
I'd love to hear stories! 
Hit me upp!

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