Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Well look at that! It is the day during which we celebrate the Y chromosome for it's contribution to society. Sound strange? Alright, agreed, we can just say, Father's Day! So what will you be doing to celebrate with the pops? Me, I am treating my dad to a round at the driving range. This should be interesting!

If you're rolling in cash, try indulging your dad in this luxury clad present:

(Note the dial is not the stereotypical black or white or silver or gold, but a classy brown check. Just a thought.)
Burberry - Stainless Steel Watch - $525.00

For those looking for something more affordable, try the ever classic tie: 

(This one also comes with a scarf, a tie, and what appears to be... headphones?) 
Boston Traveler - Microfiber X-Long Tie Gift Set - $13.99

Happy Father's Day!


  1. Your father's day sounds like what my father will be doing - golfing. It's that just the way? Thanks so much for visiting yesterday and subscribing. Enjoy your Sunday, I hope you're weekend has been going well. =)

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