Thursday, June 17, 2010

Today Was the Day...

Today was the day that I was getting the shoes I ordered from Forever21! I've been waiting painstakingly all week, thinking about it constantly, checking the UPS tracking website thousands of times (which I find so cool, btw!).

I had work so I didn't get home till 5, but I knew it would be waiting for me!

But of course, I hurt my foot at work. It's being iced and elevated as we speak. I've been reduced to walking on my hands and knees. Which is kind of reminiscent of my childhood when I would walk on all fours pretending I was a dog. Now it just doesn't seem to be as fun. And of course, I'm not going to be able to try them on for a while...

But alas, that's enough complaining out of me! I might just show you them as is, considering I can't find it online anymore.

First off, the pretty packaging:  

Then come the shoes: And a snazzier picture of the logo: 

And even though my right foot is out of commission, my left one is still up and kicking!

I'm not going to give a rating or review until I can put both pairs on and walk around. However, the one on my left foot is pretty comfortable. For now I'll give it a thumbs up, and get back to you on the rest. And, I'll get back to watching the most recent episode of Happy Town online. Gotta love the internet!


  1. :O they look pretty damn awesome to me! :D
    jealous! xx

  2. DIVINE, DIVINE, DIVINE boots! F21 makes most possibly the best footwear for the cheapest prices.

  3. Fun shoes my dear, and in time for a fabulous weekend I'm sure. =)

  4. I love waiting for online orders...a mini christmas! and those boots are hott!!


  5. Elaine: Foot's doing good! Thanks for the concern :]

    Thank you all for your comments and compliments, it means a great deal to me = ) you guys are awesome!

  6. Aha haha, and if only I were in Paris! That would be perfect =) I can only dream...

  7. esos zapatos son un sueño !!!!!
    saludos desde Argentina !