Wednesday, October 6, 2010

WCAGA - worth every penny.

So as you know, a while back I went to New York. I had been hearing a lot of hype surrounding What Comes Around Goes Around. Kind of like a high class thrift store (what I would give to have one here in Boston. Or rather to find it here in Boston). I saw a pair of very vintage totally awesome Manolos, IN MY SIZE TOO! But strange enough when I put them on, only one of them fit. The other was squashing my foot and I knew that no matter how much I loved them, walking around Boston/walking to class/doing whatever other mischief I might find in them would just be impractical and painful on both my feet and my poor poor debit card.
However, I tried on a pair of jeans that looked FANTASTIC! The only catch was the waistband was feeling rather tight, and stiff - seemingly no give. For the price, I felt really hesitant to part with that much cash if they were gonna squeeze my insides every time I sat down or ate too much.
So I walked around a little more, hit all my usual spots like Topshop and Opening Ceremony and NADA! ZIP! ZIPPO! Almost dazed, I realized that I just couldn't get over those pants.
I make the trek back to What Comes Around Goes Around, relieved to find that they are still there. Tried them on, double check successful, and brought them to the register. *card declined* WHHAAA. Yeah really shouldn't have been too surprised haha.
Fortunately, I was able to order them through the phone once I got back (many thanks to the accommodating staff of WCAGA!), and a week or so later, I laid my eyes on the fantastical pair of denim. This was all the weekend of Sept 25th, like I said.. I have lots to get you up to speed on.

*side note: they have ripped considerably since these pictures were taken. They still look fierce, but I'm gonna have to think of wearing leggings underneath them now as we approach the cooler seasons. = (

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