Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dollar A Pound vs. Garment District - Get your game face on!

I feel like such a champ after sorting through the mounds and piles of CLOTHES. Mens, womans, kids, fabric, pillowcases, couch covers? It was virtually impossible not to step on something if you really wanted to find some treasures. And treasures I found!

(This is just a cumulative view of everything. They had these great clear plastic bags to carry everything around in. Suffice to say, looked sort of hobo-ish. We stopped by a starbucks however and upon seeing the bags the barista surmised we took a trip to the Garment District - right she was!) 

Actually I was quite envious of my fellow shopping companion. It seemed like she just plucked her hand down and what do you know?? TREASURE! Haha, what it would be like to have that power 24/7...

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