Monday, March 8, 2010

Academy Awards

Sorry guys, but my internet is currently down at my house so it's either hours spent at the library or no posts for a while. For the most part I'll try to get to it, but it really depends on my availability.

Work this week (in addition to school work):

  • finish the three fashion designs (inspired by spices)
  • finish my third chair painting
  • finish the post-it dress
  • start the dress for my friend
  • possibly work on my prom dress?
  • & possibly start the tulle dress?

Let me also just briefly mention some of my thoughts on The 82nd Annual Academy Awards. I'm a huge movie buff, or cinephile if you will. Combined with a great interest in fashion, the Academy Awards is the holy grail of all televised awards.
Fashion wise: for the women, those that initially spring to mind would be Sandra Bullock in Marchesa and Sarah Jessica Parker. I thought SJP's chanel dress was fabulous with the innovative straps coming from the back like a backwards halter top, although I imagine it was very uncomfortable! If you were watching when she presented she had to tug at it! And trust me, if there was one tug it's guarunteed that there were plenty.

Movie wise: I'm very glad that The Hurt Locker won out over Avatar. There was just such a rawness and portrayal of authenticity that sucked you into the film and made you believe that you were right there with Jeremy Renner. Breathtaking. Which also leads me to say how although I did not see Jeff Bridge's performance, I wish that Jeremy Renner could have gotten better recognition in his role as SSG William James. Anywho, I also would like to congratulate Christopher Waltz on his win (bravo) and Mo'Nique (although I also have not seen Precious based on the novel Push by Saphire, I could see the strength in her performance from that small clip). Also Kathryn Bigelow is the first female to win an Oscar for directing? About time! However although I feel like its true its almost as if she did have to do a war movie to win, I think that the merit of the film is what should be considered and not that the director is female (or male). Obviously the directing styles will influence the feel of the movie, but if they are good enough (as with Bigelow), you won't be able to tell.

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