Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I Could Live in a Sephora Store, No Lie.

Currently listening to: Home by Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros
(different than my typical genre, but ever since I stumbled across addicted to humiliation's blog and found this song on her playlist, I can't stop listening to it)
Latest Obsession: MUFE Flash Color (I love multi-purpose products, and the colors!)
Latest addiction: lip gloss (I want to get a frosty pink tinted one, but I already have 6 other lip glosses stashed in my makeup bag *sighh*)

While my true passion lies with fashion, I also have an obsession with makeup. I dabble, and yet seem to spend the majority of my money on it. The way I figure is I can always try to make clothes, but I can't make makeup. Also, the V.I.B. rewards for Sephora is so tempting. (Only $281 more to spend...)

MUFE Aqua Creamliner in matte turqouise #4
i.d. Bare Escentuals double-ended liner shadow brush
Sephora Brand Collection slim eye pencil in black #91
Kat Von D Autograph Eyeliner in Brass Knuckles
Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin
Cover Girl Eye Enhancer eye shadow in Tropical Fusion

Tutorial: Egyptian cat eye?
Gosh I'm so awkward on camera!! This was my first tutorial so I was just figuring things out as I went. Also, the lighting was so weird! I swear my forehead and nails aren't normally that color. The first 3 vids got screwed up because they are Movie Clips instead of WMV files so they play like in 10 fold, SO, feel free to mute it otherwise it won't make much sense. The last two are fine however.

Step 1: Creamliner (I'm using Make Up Forever's aqua creamliner in #4 turquoise and i.d bare escentuals double ended shadow and liner brush) - apply close to the lash line on the upper lids.
(helpful hint: press on the upper lid so that the lash line becomes more apparent - see clip)

Step 2: Primer Potion (I'm using Urban Decay's Primer Potion in sin which has a nice champagne tinted sheen to it) - apply above the cream liner and onto the lid (I stopped halfway between the lash line and the brow line. It's also close to the brow bone).
(note: I applied the primer potion after the cream liner because I noticed it was easier to get a smoother line without the primer underneath. It could be that my primer is getting old, but this is what works for me)

Step 3: Pencil Liner (I'm using the Sephora Brand Collection slim pencil eye liner in black. Black seems to no longer be available.. I haven't tried the sephora brand pure eyeliner yet but I'm not a fan of the Nano eyeliner because I think it smudges too easily.) - apply from the halfway point on you upper lid to the outer corner and form a cat eye.
(helpful hint: Keep a sharp point so that you can control the application better. Also, for this look I've noticed that a thin line for this part looks the best.)

Step 4: Liquid Liner (I'm using Kat Von D's Autograph Eyeliner in Brass Knuckles) - apply it from the half way point where the black eye liner ends to the inner corner of the upper lid.
(helpful hint: If you are using the Kat Von D autograph eyeliner note that it takes a minute or so to dry so just make sure not to blink unless you want a duplicate line on your upper lids.)

Step 5: Eyeshadow and Touch-ups (I'm using CoverGirl Eye Enhancers in Tropical Fusion) - apply the turquoise to the inner corner of the eye and the orange to the outer corner. For the center, I just added another coat of the primer potion because of the tint, but if your primer is clear then you can use a shimmery white or champagne eyeshadow to create the same effect. After that is done you can go over the eyeliner once more if you feel like it got smudged or faded. Add mascara (and lip gloss), and then you're done!
(helpful hint: for the eyeshadow in the corners I feel like it is best in moderation but with a decently intense pigment.)

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