Thursday, January 28, 2010

Childhood Nostalgia

I have this thing where I reuse clothes from my childhood. I completely forget ever wearing the floral vest pictured below, but for the longest time it's been in my closet.. Or, take these pants for example. I'm pretty sure I never wore them as a kid (because I thought they were too long aka too dorky, little did I know I still looked like a major dork). Rolled up however, I thought these became quite adorable almost-highwaisted shorts. This belt is also a childhood piece I never wore, but how fortunate that I kept it! It's so bewildering that something repulsive or unwanted can become a treasure years later... (kind of makes me want to keep everything I have or get, just in case)

Well I'm working on a dress right now that very much resembles fabric, and just that at most. I was also planning on making my semi-formal dress this year, but seeing as it is in a week and I have yet to start it, I'm feeling just a little uneasy. Hmmm....

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