Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I got today what I thought was my Drexel application acception/rejection. Turns out it was a "we recieved your application!" letter. Um, thanks?

It's been quite a length of time since my last post, which I blame on college applications and midterm week (which is over now, hallelujah!). New classes started today and I'm so happy about having my free period. In my "free time" before all this craziness sprung about, I've been looking for a great new pair of shoes - mostly on because I have a gift card there in need of being spent.
I've been meaning to get a pair of oxfords...

(below) These remind me so much of my riding boots. oh well.

(below) clunky? yes. fabulous? quite possibly!

I'm just waiting for these shoes to go on sale. Hopefully they'll still have my sizes.

On a final note, I also found these shoes on that I thought were wicked fierce. Very tempting! They're my size and on clearance! Plus it would increase my stare rate by like 30%. For reals. So all in all, most likely worth it.

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