Monday, January 11, 2010

Cheap Jeans

So these pants (pictured below) always have this pungent smell about them. I mean what can I expect from $6 dollar jeans really but I wish there was some way as to rid them from the smell of pure chemicals. I tried spritzing a tissue with my perfume and placing it inside the folds of the pants, but the smell is so overwhelming that it's almost making me cringe every time I smell that perfume (which is really a pity because it's new and smells delicious otherwise). Anyone have any tips as of how to go about driving out the unwanted extreme chemical smell?

so this is what i wore today.... very tame compared to the usual me, believe me. $6 dark jeans (boot cut/flare) from forever 21, express tube top, a cute tan cardi i got from my friend, a necklace from way back when, and this neat belt i found on my grandmother's hanger of sewing zippers (there really are some great finds from my grandmother's closet).
    ah and this pattern (to the right) I just find very cool. I wish it was a fabric but unfortunately it's my mother's curtain, and I doubt she'd approve of me taking it down and cutting it. Even if it ended up as a gorgeous dress.

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